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“Dan Petrovic’s custom guitars are not only highly enjoyable to play, but they are themselves works of art.  Dan is both a craftsman and an aesthetician.  His attention to detail and love of what he does shine through each one of his creations.  His instruments are beautiful to behold, each one as unique as the player fortunate enough to experience one.  I highly recommend checking them out!”

— Eric Teplitz, Singer/Songwriter & Blogger

“In the summers of ’06 and ’07, I had a classical guitarist’s dream come true when Jorge Morel stayed with me when we were working on his book… During that period, I was playing Dan’s guitar, which was also his first ever made instrument. As soon as I put it in Jorge’s hands and he would start plucking a few notes, he’d say, “Who made this?! I love it.” Each time he stayed with me, he’d say the same thing, and I’d tell him that my friend made this guitar and it’s his first one. He’d say, “You’re kidding me! Well, if that’s his first, I think he’s onto something. He needs to make more.” He wouldn’t put it down.

“I ended up asking Jorge to sign it for Dan, which he duly did on the back of the headstock. It’s not only a visually striking instrument, but it’s sonically very unique…”   — Deyan Bratic, classical guitarist


(Pictured above: Jorge Morel playing DJP’s first guitar)